We offer 100% real genuine human hair to be used as hair extensions and wigs. We source the finest quality hair from Ukraine and Russia and bring it to you at affordable prices. If you are already someone who enjoys hair extensions and are looking for a reliable UK supplier of human hair extensions, natural hair for wigs, you have also come to the right place.

Pure Russian Hair products are considered to be the absolute best on the market and are worn by many celebrities. Russian hair is naturally fine in texture and naturally lighter in colour than Indian, Chinese and European hair.

The hair we use is the finest quality Russian hair collected from areas of Russia and the Ukraine from women of Slavic ethnicity. This Slavic Russian hair is soft and silky and can be applied in it’s virgin state or pre coloured.

As Russian virgin hair has never been dyed or processed it is perfect for dying and can be easily dyed even after the hair extensions have been applied.

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